AO Labs

Blender Sync

Blender Sync allows for collaborative animation using Blender. It has several pieces of functionality designed to enable true cloud-based workflows within a Blender installation on your desktop.


Asset Management

Store, browse, and share all of your assets in the cloud. Make sure your team always has the latest assets with real version-control.

Scene Management

Your Blender Scene is just one of many that will eventually come together to form your project. Stop worrying about complex file structures and links, and start managing your projects completely in the cloud.

Object Replication

Object movements within a scene can be replicated in real-time across many animators working on the same scene. This means your team can constantly see each-other’s work as it’s happening, providing a platform for collaboration.


Your project is valuable, so BlenderSync carefully protects your data. All data is sent using the latest authorization protocols and encryption algorithms, and data in the cloud is stored in fully secured enterprise databases.


BlenderSync utilizes Aesel as the back-end server which drives all functionality. Therefore, you should either have Aesel installed, or have access to an existing Aesel Cloud in order to use BlenderSync.

Get Assistance

Stuck and need help? Have general questions about the application? We encourage you to publish your question on Stack Overflow. We regularly monitor for the tag ‘aesel’ in questions.

We encourage the use of Stack Overflow for a few reasons:

  • Once the question is answered, it is searchable and viewable by everyone else.
  • The forum format offers an easy method to get a larger community involved with a tougher question.

If you believe that you have found a bug in BlenderSync, or have an enhancement request, we encourage you to raise an issue on our github page.